searching for my own motivations

I often wonder why I blog things.

Part of it, of course, is to just have a place to think about it out loud. I suppose I could use a journal, but a journal doesn’t have commenters who throw lightbulbs at me, helping me refine my idea. And there are dangers associated with keeping your shit public, but I find the benefits outweigh those cons. (And I completely agree with Ms. Dirty that the only real cheaters are those who rip you off.)

That said, there is also an importance to sharing the work. Obviously everyone on an intense spiritual path is going to need to do some work; this path I’m building isn’t for public consumption. Well, it is, insofar as I sort of have a need to share knowledge with others, especially regarding Godslavery as there is so little of it out there, and I know there are seekers like me who search for those sorts of answers. But what I mean is my path is not going to be a path where people who are “sabbat Pagans” can sort of dip in and participate; it’s a personal path, and while I encourage people to be inspired by what I write and put out there, there are no laypeople here. Just me.

Paths with laypeople are great. I think Paganism needs more of them. This one just isn’t.

And while I have the eventual goal of publishing a book, or two or three, on some sort of path of my own creation, on my own take of my own corner of Pagandom, that’s far in the future and I haven’t the foggiest what sort of shape that book or the path it’ll be about will take.

Oft-times I come to the conclusion that I’m just blogging to hear myself whistle in the dark.

But no, there are reasons for blogging, even if I cannot articulate or even think of them. I know that some good is coming of this all, somewhere, somewhen.

Some day I’ll understand my own motivations.

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