An Excerpt from “Honor the Mothers”: Mending

This is an excerpt from the non-fiction, religious book I’m currently working on, Honor the Mothers. It’s part memoir, part exploration of the things we class as “women’s work” and the magic within them.

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Mending is boring as hell.

Ok, not that boring. I just hate it.

No, hate is a strong word.

I used to mend all the time and I never minded it then. But it was small projects, and once in a while. I darned my socks frequently because I grew up poor and often couldn’t afford new ones. So I darned the old ones and kept wearing them…for decades sometimes. I mended my other clothing too. It made sense, and it kept me from constantly having to buy new clothes.

So I never used to mind mending, until I sat down to do a month of it.

The month is long over and I still have a massive pile to conquer. I couldn’t get through even a fraction of it in a month. I managed to stay on top of my husband’s mending but didn’t get to many older projects that have sat there for so long. Except my purse — I managed to fix that, which made me happy. It’s a big green war bag that has a sort of masculine toughness to it, but with a big, glitzy, bling-y clasp. I like …

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