An Excerpt from “Honor the Mothers”: swatches

This is an excerpt from the non-fiction, religious book I’m currently working on, Honor the Mothers. It’s part memoir, part exploration of the things we class as “women’s work” and the magic within them.

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Swatches: from hate to something resembling tolerance

During, or before, the moon of knitting, I picked up a book from the library: The Yarn Whisperer, by Clara Parkes.

I didn’t finish it until well after the knitting moon was over. Finally, sick of my habit of taking books out of the library, renewing them twenty times, and never finishing them, I sat down and made myself read the last 62 pages in one sitting. (The book is only 160 pages.)

Overall I liked the book, though I felt at times she didn’t quite hit the mark, instead straying into a land that felt pretentious to me. But many parts I found myself nodding along with, or laughing out loud, and more than once I took inspiration from the book for my life as a knitter and the way that intersects with the other mysteries of life.

I did find myself wishing that I’d read the book before I started my knitting month. The chapter on swatches changed my viewpoint on the fiddly things. You see, I hate swatches. I hate them. I ha…

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