This is something I don’t use, really. I always end up using whatever I’ve dedicated as my athame to cut things physically, and apparently you’re not supposed to do that. […]

There are so many I could talk about! However, I’m going to talk about my favourite myth regarding M’Lady Morrigan. This story very clearly illustrates Morrigan’s greater function in Irish […]

Today I lit candles for various reasons. One of them was Aphrodite’s candle, because it’s Friday. Her altar is on one of the lower bookshelves. I then left the house, […]

So I’ve had a very…depressing month. Teachers at my school are on strike right now and it’s sort of drained all my energy and will to do anything. I haven’t […]

Between 2007 (when Morrigan Thwapped me) and 2010 (when I got involved with Brighid, Manannan, Lugh, and Aphrodite), Morrigan was always by my side. I always knew She was there. Since January 2010, She’s not been distant per se, but definitely not always by my side. I realized today it was because She knew I needed Her every step of the way when it was just the two of us. Now I work with other deities, I have a network of support and She can step back without me falling down and breaking.

Now my heart is bursting with love, in this moment. To realize one’s deity loves you so completely is a rush.


I have two major plans for Imbolc this year, aside from the Cill’s group flame keeping from sunset on the 31st to sunset on the 2nd (my shift starts at […]

Cave of Wonders addition

My mom got me this necklace from her holiday trip to Nicaragua. I love it because it reminds me of both Brighid and a Native Medicine Wheel (and I’m getting […]

tonight my heart is cold

Sometimes I wish I was Catholic. Or, rather, I wish I had the same sort of vehicle for purging my negative emotions as confession. To be able to go to […]

I tried to do an all night vigil for the sun last night. This did not happen. I was already dangerously low on spoons from several nights of bad sleep, […]

I just spent half an hour detangling some seriously knotted yarn. Yarn detangling isn’t boring; it’s just tedious. It’s interesting to note just how tangled your yarn is, and wonder […]

Best friend and I went and scouted out a place for me to do the ritual yesterday morning. She’ll be sitting in the car waiting for me to finish when […]