I got my ADF materials shortly before Samhain (which was not the best Samhain I’ve ever had, but I don’t want to get into that right now). I started doing […]

I just sent in my membership form to ADF. In a few weeks I’ll have my membership packet of materials. I’m feeling pretty tingly and nervous. (Also, apologies for so […]

Lughnasadh has never before mattered to me as first a NeoWiccan, and later just a Celtic Witch. I’ve never felt the need to celebrate it — much like Imbolc, it […]

So Manannan's a fun guy.

What I posted yesterday was not what I had set out to post. I’d set out to post about Manannan, originally, and I ended up talking about the BP oil […]


So I haven’t made it down to the beach yet…. It’s been raining for three days, and last night I dreamt of rain and mist. Today it’s decidedly foggy. Need […]


So up till now my NeoCeltic practice (er, what little I have of one) has revolved around Brighid and Morrigan. I’d thought about branching out to other gods in the […]

This morning my dog, Major, died. He was 11. We’d had him for 4 years; an SPCA rescue. Some part of me knew that this was his last summer, but […]

In my post about activism and the path of the Warrior, I said that to be a Warrior means to realize that something needs to be done, and then going […]

Note: I wrote this back in January, for the print and online magazine Immanence, which I helped birth in Powell River. I used to have a regular column called the […]

Recent Dreams

I’ve had three recent nightmares that are incredibly vivid. One I’m not going to go into detail on — all I’ll say is it involves Pennywise the clown. *shudder* The […]

Spring Cleaning and Prosperity

I just spent the better part of two hours cleaning my room. I was supposed to do a spell to bring in money tonight, but decided my room had to […]

The Beginning

That’s a good place to start, right? I’m Morag. I’m a Pagan whose path has been ever-evolving for a while now. That’s why I’ve held off on having a “Pagan […]