Poison in the Bones

Witches in Fiction 2013... to the BoneIt took me a year, but I finally followed through on scrubbing the poison from my bones.

It happened at Greaters, which I can’t tell you the details of, but I can tell you my experience.

I sobbed in the arms of a god who was Two, and I was scrubbed clean; allowed to let all the anguish from the past year pour out onto His chest; and He told me I was beautiful, and full of light, and love, and that I was strong enough to walk the long, hard road ahead of me.

I have healing to do now. I went to SMF with the intention of asking Hades to take my wedding ring from my relationship with my ex, the one who betrayed me last year. After Greaters, I no longer needed to ask Him. They had taken the pain from within me, and the wedding ring is now empty; it holds no more significance for me beyond being pretty and silver.

I am now ready to walk forward on the path towards continual happiness. I have instructions from Him. I know what I need to do.

My bones will be strong, they will be healthy, because now they are un-poisoned; now I am able to walk the road to recovery.

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