What’s this Steady thing?

You’ve probably noticed this blog has a lot of reference to something called “Steady” and half the interface for it is in German.

Let me explain.

Once upon a time, I created a Patreon to support my blogging here. That was going well until Patreon said they were going to roll out new fee structures, everyone panicked, and I frantically scrambled for alternatives. I found Steady.

Patreon then reversed their decision, meaning I decided to stay there. But I had already set up my Steady campaign page.

Well, why not both? I decided.

Here’s how it works:

The pledge tiers are the same at both Steady and Patreon, except Patreon is in USD and Steady is in Euros. You get the same content at each level, however — 1 dollar or Euro per month will get you a) early access to all my blog posts, b) ability to see raw, unedited excerpts from my non-fiction/religious books, c) your name on the Patrons page, and d) thanks in my books when they come out if you are a patron at time of publication.

Higher tiers have extra things with them, plus all the stuff the 1$/Euro tier gets.

(I did try to make the actual costs even by setting the tiers lower than 1 Euro at Steady, but 1 is the minimum price.)

The content that you are pledging for access to will be posted here and at Patreon. If you pledge at Patreon, you will see book excerpts there as well as blog posts before they are public.

Steady subscribers will be able to see everything here at the blog through the magic of the Steady paywall. Blog posts will be posted here and at Patreon at the same time, but here they’ll have the paywall at the beginning of the post for the first 24 hours (possibly longer depending on when I sleep and get up). That way, Steady subscribers will get early access to all blog posts, just as Patreon subscribers do.

Book excerpts will also be posted here through the magic of the paywall, and that paywall will stay up for those posts.

Which one should I do?

Whichever one works for you. If you prefer Patreon and want to stick with USD, then stick with Patreon. If you like the look of Steady and want to pay with Euros, go with that. (Or choose whatever currency exchange is more favorable to you.)

Do not choose both. They will be getting the exact same content, just with different delivery systems and default currency. Choosing both means paying double for the same content.

(I mean…if you want to pay double, yay more money for me. No, seriously — don’t, because I’d feel really weird about it.)

I can’t do monthly but still want to support you.

Awesome! If you don’t want to subscribe to either Patreon or Steady but still want to send a bit of financial support my way, you can buy me a coffee:

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

(Money may or may not be used for actual coffee.)

I don’t want to give you any money!

Also fine. My blog posts will remain free for the public after early access for subscribers is done. I don’t plan on putting up permanent paywalls for normal blog posts any time soon…or ever.

Whatever you choose, I hope you continue to enjoy my work.