Building a Mystery

A lot of my work is building religion from scratch. Whether that’s my work with the Sacred Triad or my D’Angeline Recon, or whether it’s how I reconcile being Anglican and Pagan, or whether it’s my Otherfaith, or my attempts to build a family religion to raise children in…it’ll be here, in Building a Mystery. Because yeah, I still love Sarah McLachlan.

the text "what cannot be said will be wept" attributed to Sappho laid over a visual representation of her.

I feel as if I’ve spent an entire week crying; weeping out my anguish first for the betrayal of the mothers who once welcomed me, and today for the physical […]

30 Days of Paganism: Patrons

I already talked about one of my patrons on the Patronage and Deeper Relationships post, so this one is just going to be a quick list of the patrons I […]