Deep Work

This is for posts that are primarily about deep healing work, or work that is normally called “shamanic” in nature. Any deep journeying I do, etc. I used to have a category called “Expelling the Venom” for a lot of this stuff, as well as one called “Descent.” I’m merging all those categories into one to cover descending to the underworld, expelling toxicity, cutting cords, and more. This is for the side of the craft that remakes me.

I don’t know. There was a big post I wanted to do about my Oma and my mom and my aunt and how suicide/suicidal ideation/suicide attempts runs in our family, […]

I wrote this on the 18th of March. I am no longer in the midst of my depressive episode, but I am not fully out of it. Everything I wrote […]

Part of our TCBP topic for February is Self-Love, so I’m attempting to write about it. It’s hard. I’m finding it as hard as loving myself, honestly, and I find […]

The concept of the wounded healer is a really helpful one for me. I am a fucking mess. I have mental breakdowns on a weekly basis; I often forget to […]

Why? Of course because He is beloved to me; of course that. Of course because I am one of His worshippers. Probably I need no other reason. Why? But there […]

Poison in the Bones

It took me a year, but I finally followed through on scrubbing the poison from my bones. It happened at Greaters, which I can’t tell you the details of, but […]

Reclaiming Bodily Sovereignty

Between the ages of 19 and 21 I was in my first ever relationship, shortly after having sex for the first time ever (and kissing someone in that way for […]

I winged the ritual. It actually turned out better that way. I was in no state earlier today to write anything coherent or useful — I’d been up all night. […]

I’ve always had trouble with this time of year, from a “earth-worshiping-pagan-who-celebrates-Wiccish-holidays-more-or-less” standpoint. Lammas/Lughnasadh and the Autumn Equinox always feel so disconnected to me. They really shouldn’t, because they are […]

Trigger warning: rape, eating disorders, fatphobia, abuse I have a lot of trauma triggers. Some of them are big. Some, not so big. The big ones are ones more likely […]