Housekeeping Note

(This wasn’t posted first at Patreon because it’s not really a true post, just a note on housekeeping at the blog.) So I was doing both Steady and Patreon because, […]

Church, and other notes

It’s been a while since I posted. I kept meaning to write another post for October, but then it kept not happening. So here are some brief updates on various […]

The moon, waxing gibbous, surrounded by clouds.

2015 was a kind of crazy year for me. WordPress was kind enough to do the 2015 blogging report for this blog, because I have Jetpack enabled, and I found […]

Jumping on the Deily Bandwagon

So I just joined the site Deily. It’s an offshoot of Patheos, which I have my issues with, but Deily isn’t really a blogging platform. It’s sort of a social […]

I appreciate the chance the 30 Days of… memes give me to write posts on things I may not have thought of, and I like having a challenge to write […]

Mom and I got caught up in watching things together last night after a business meeting that fried my brain, and I didn’t do my ritual. I’m going to put something together today instead.

Also, as a warning/heads up, the theme here may change. I’m getting restless again.

I don’t know for how long. Probably until I find a new place to live and get all nice and moved in. Which will hopefully be really really soon. 0

In the sidebar you might notice my list of dedication blogs, or blog shrines. For the longest time they were at Blogspot. I’ve moved them to, because so long […]

This isn’t really a post, more of a quick note to let you all know I’m still alive and planning on blogging again. I’m in a class right now and […]

Where did November go? I swear I just started it. This is a huge problem for me, quite often. I just…lose time. It’s like being abducted by aliens. I look […]

This is a screencap of four of the 10 spam comments that are currently in my spam filter. Notice anything that links them all together? Yeah. They’re all on that […]

Fear is under my skin like St. Anthony’s Fire –Onion Girl, Holly Cole I mentioned previously that I live in fear of being alone all the time. This is true. […]

At the beginning of the month I had my tea leaves read by a friend. They said that around the end of the month there would be a great big […]

Truly humbled and amazed; Friday’s blog post about Eve brought 163 views to my blog in one day (and another 32 yesterday). That means that Friday was my busiest day […]

Since choosing a name, one that literally means I’m becoming the spider, I discovered some new music (really the wrong word, there — the music existed before, so it’s not […]

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve chosen my name for this blog and all of Pagandom  (which, I think, is the word I shall be using for the […]

I’ve followed through with my idea to create different dedication blogs to my gods, and have created one so far. Milk and Honey: life serving Brighid. Only one post so […]

I got tagged by Erinnightwalker, who is awesome. (Seriously.) Rules 1. Post these rules. 2. You must post 11 random thoughts about yourself. 3. Answer the questions the tagger set […]

Mom and I went to Seattle a week ago, and she bought me books because they are cheaper in the States. She also gave me a gift before we headed […]