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A person stands on a rock that is at the beach; to the left are mountains covered in greenery, to the right is the ocean. In the distance the sun is either rising or setting, making the sky an orange color.

I am sort of fried today. Didn’t sleep well, despite the CPAP; think I’ll have to lay off the coffee so late at night. I thought music would help me […]

Ebooks, Disability, and the Morrigan

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30 Days of Paganism: Community

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Jumping on the Deily Bandwagon

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Another pagan has written something that’s pissed me off. Again. Are we surprised? No. Yet another screed against pop-culture pagans! Yet another pagan saying “Stop being so WEIRD, otherpagans, you’re […]

Steps to making 2014 better

I’m participating in a different blogging project this year — The Cauldron Blog Project. It arose out of discussion among the various TCers who were doing PBP. Some of us […]

Tonight I’ll be heading to a huge annual Yule party held by friends of mine. There will be a turkey dinner, various other foods, some booze, carousing, Rock Band and karaoke, me being antisocial on my computer from time to time as I pop in on TC’s Up All Night revels in chat (well, ok, social, but not in meatspace), and a vigil for the sunrise.

Not sure if I’ll be actually participating in the vigil, as I’m coming down with a cold or flu or something and may choose to sleep instead. But there shall be a vigil. Someone else will make sure the sun rises again, at least.

If you celebrate solstice or Yule, I hope it is bright, blessed, and filled with good food, good friends, and good times. 

-Morag 0

Then I decided to post it here, for various reasons. 

Pro-tip: saying you’re good at avoiding drama or have a drama-free life? Basically signals to EVERYONE that you, in fact, are a drama-starter and are basically steeped in drama all the time.

It’s impossible to have a drama-free life; we’re human. Drama is what we do. There’s a difference between normal drama among humans and playing small-p politics, which is what happens in a lot of subcultures and local communities (pagan, kinkster, poly, geek, writer…the list goes on). People use drama to play politics with each other, and that’s when it turns into what people usually see as “drama”.

Fact is, you’re going to have emotional upsets and fights and disagreements with people you care about and this is drama because it’s basically the same sort of interpersonal stuff that keeps plays and TV shows and movies going. Drama happens; it’s not necessarily good or bad.

Small-p community politics? Different thing. Feeds off drama and creates a shitstorm that then gets labeled, wholesale, as drama.

And the people who say they’re drama-free? Are the WORST instigators of that small-p politics shit. The WORST.

So do us all a favour: quit fucking lying. You’re insulting our intelligence.


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