The silhouette of a cat sitting on a branch rests against an image of the moon with an orange cast to it.

In the latter half of 2019 I started getting more into astrology, the moon phases, and a bunch of related stuff. So I subscribed to Ivy at Circle Thrice‘s newsletter, […]

A photo of a metal gecko statue on a windowsill. The photo has been altered using Prisma, and has a reddish sheen to the windowsill and outside the window.

On Wednesday I woke up with intense pain in my neck and a massive, pounding headache. My plans for working on kitchen clean up and thus my year long project […]

Church, and other notes

It’s been a while since I posted. I kept meaning to write another post for October, but then it kept not happening. So here are some brief updates on various […]

Today I am doing nothing of import

Well, except getting my driver’s licence renewed. There’s that. But no, today is my birthday, and I’m going to let myself relax. I was pretty depressed about my birthday this […]

Wellness 4 Wolffy

This is the most important update I have right now. Basically, the long and short of it is my mom is sick, we don’t know what it is except it’s […]

Today’s top search that brought folks to this blog:

that bitch amy pickens

…what. 0

This theme has different types of post formats, and “Status” is one of them. Now that I have discovered this, I expect to post here more often.

ETA: though it seems, on further exploration of this post type, that they do not allow comments or permalinks. So perhaps I will not use them as often as I thought; more likely they will be used to update people as to the status of the blog if there’s a post hiatus, or the like. 0