State of Grace


It is almost 8am. I’ve been up for three and a half hours. I slept for seven and a half (five of those uninterrupted, which is a big deal for […]

A lesson I have yet to learn: other people’s advice is never as good as my own intuition.¬† On Saturday night I went with some friends to their belated Full […]

I wear a key around my neck. It rests on a chain next to a silver and gold (or gold and white gold; can’t tell) snake pendant and a gold […]

Today I lit candles for various reasons. One of them was Aphrodite’s candle, because it’s Friday. Her altar is on one of the lower bookshelves. I then left the house, […]

The Beginning

That’s a good place to start, right? I’m Morag. I’m a Pagan whose path has been ever-evolving for a while now. That’s why I’ve held off on having a “Pagan […]