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Ebooks, Disability, and the Morrigan

You may have seen my Twitter rant the other week (later c&ped to my FB page in chronological order, for easier reading), when I started talking about how pagan booksellers […]

A volcano in the distance vents steam out of its top.

i am not an angry girl but it seems like i’ve got everyone fooled every time i say something they find hard to hear they chalk it up to my […]

A picture of the ocean with the text "Spirituality is a personal relationship with the Divine. Religion is crowd control."

I used to be fond of the phrase “I’m spiritual, not religious.” It seemed like a good way to indicate that I was interested in spirituality, but not Christianity specifically. […]

Jumping on the Deily Bandwagon

So I just joined the site Deily. It’s an offshoot of Patheos, which I have my issues with, but Deily isn’t really a blogging platform. It’s sort of a social […]

This topic comes up because of a post on a forum somewhere. I’m not going to link it, but the gist is that a self-identified anti-theist asked a bunch of […]

Over the past several weeks I’ve been pondering on that side of the witches’ pyramid: silence. Not just as it applies to spells, but as it applies to other areas in […]

Why? Of course because He is beloved to me; of course that. Of course because I am one of His worshippers. Probably I need no other reason. Why? But there […]

There are people who, when they find out Santa isn’t real, feel betrayed. That…doesn’t compute for me. I mean, I respect that in some cases there’s trauma there, of course. […]

It’s been a good weekend. I finished my novel on Thursday, went to an Imbolc Ritual led by Sarah Lawless on Sunday, and got engaged to the Ogre that evening. […]

I have done nothing this month. Somehow the entire month is gone already, and I have done nothing. (Spiritually. I’ve been busy in other areas. Very busy.) The severance ritual […]

Dream Record, August 23rd 2012

I slept for a long time last night. I went to bed at 8pm, and woke up around seven this morning. I’m still tired, and could probably sleep for another […]

I was given a Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Waldhexe and Sky at Seastruck by the Crossroads. I’m blushing. With the blood of my enemies, according to Danny. ;) So. […]

Cleaning the Storm Windows

That’s not a metaphor, strictly speaking. I did actually spend the greater part of yesterday and some of Saturday cleaning storm windows in my mother’s house. But I think it […]

Dearest Friends! I would like you to help me spread the words that Singing “We all come from the Goddess” should NOT BE rewritten. It is my intellectual property. it […]

Not even a full-formed one. I don’t know. I was lying here on my hotel room bed and thinking about Dionysus, about all the Hellenic deities really, and it suddenly […]

Cave of Wonders addition

My mom got me this necklace from her holiday trip to Nicaragua. I love it because it reminds me of both Brighid and a Native Medicine Wheel (and I’m getting […]

tonight my heart is cold

Sometimes I wish I was Catholic. Or, rather, I wish I had the same sort of vehicle for purging my negative emotions as confession. To be able to go to […]