(PBP catch-up) The Ancestors are Thirsty

I started giving water to my ancestors/Mighty Dead this week. I don’t know; it just seemed time.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of ancestor stuff in the past months, and there’s this sense of release. I had so much trouble connecting with dad’s side of the family, but since he cut me out of his will, our relationship is better. Money doesn’t sour it anymore.

And that sense of release has permeated into my ancestor work, and now I feel no awkwardness when I burn incense, pour water into the silver chalice, and bid my grandparents, my aunt, and my lost animal companions to drink deep. It feels right.

Their thirst is now palpable to me. When I wake up and sit down, back to my altar, I feel a clawing against me, pulling me backwards.

Give us water, we thirst, you cannot stop now. 

So everyday I give them water. It’s suddenly easy to do a daily practice because they claw at me if I don’t.


  1. Funny to read this now… because I recently thought to change my weekly offering of water to them, into a daily practice. Might be a sign. ;)


    1. *lobs a lightbulb* Here, catch! ;D


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