Blogging Projects: 44 Days of Witchery

A favourite nature spirit.

Kokopelli I realize he’s technically a deity, but he’s always seemed more…nature spirity to me, if that makes sense. I’ll walk past a bush, or something, and it’ll rustle and […]

Water element.

Emotions. Something I don’t have a handle on. I’m very passionate, but I suck at the emotional communication thing (water and air, my weak spots). I try not to connect […]

A favourite candle.

I have a big, yellow jar candle that smells like maple-walnut. I think it’s a Martha Stewart candle, but that doesn’t really matter (I bought it at Liquidation World because […]

1.6 days before last quarter. Waning, in other words. Disseminating is another term for the part between Full and Last Quarter (according to We’Moon’s moon phase drawing, which is one […]

Pine needles. When I lived in Hawaii we couldn’t afford to buy a real pine tree every year for solstice, so we got a fake one. In order to make […]

Oh, yeah, that meme: will be posting the entries as they should appear while retroposting the ones I’ve missed.

So, the next one should be day 21. I’ll add the past ones as I write them.

It’s been crazy this month. 0