gods and spirits: Dionysus

A person stands on a rock that is at the beach; to the left are mountains covered in greenery, to the right is the ocean. In the distance the sun is either rising or setting, making the sky an orange color.

I am sort of fried today. Didn’t sleep well, despite the CPAP; think I’ll have to lay off the coffee so late at night. I thought music would help me […]

Part of our TCBP topic for February is Self-Love, so I’m attempting to write about it. It’s hard. I’m finding it as hard as loving myself, honestly, and I find […]

There is no such thing as a square god

This post is in response to something Star Foster wrote recently, which frankly is full of vicim-blamey, ableist, classist nonsense. But don’t let me tell you what to think! Read […]

Amor vincit omnia. I was going to write out a very detailed post on how grateful I am to everyone who helped me get to SMF and to the gods […]

Poison in the Bones

It took me a year, but I finally followed through on scrubbing the poison from my bones. It happened at Greaters, which I can’t tell you the details of, but […]

Dionysos, the Liberator

Things I Learned the Night of the New Moon Flying ointment + wine combo makes you think that nothing much is happening while you’re dancing and worshipping at the altar […]

Not even a full-formed one. I don’t know. I was lying here on my hotel room bed and thinking about Dionysus, about all the Hellenic deities really, and it suddenly […]

Nyktipolos blogged about this for “A” in the Pagan Blog Project, and also the other day for Pithoigia, the first night of Anthesteria. This year, Pithoigia went from March 3rd […]

Truly humbled and amazed; Friday’s blog post about Eve brought 163 views to my blog in one day (and another 32 yesterday). That means that Friday was my busiest day […]