Blogging Projects: Pagan Blog Project 2013 Posts

I’ve decided to give up on the Pagan Blog Project. Withdraw my horse from the race. Take my Pokémon out of the … uh. Whatever Pokémon fight in; I’m not a […]

The concept of the wounded healer is a really helpful one for me. I am a fucking mess. I have mental breakdowns on a weekly basis; I often forget to […]

Orgasm Magic

This post is probably NSFW or even life and I’m not exactly holding back on the sex talk, so be warned.  Some of the most powerful spells I’ve done have […]

Why? Of course because He is beloved to me; of course that. Of course because I am one of His worshippers. Probably I need no other reason. Why? But there […]

When you sit smothered in the wool of mediocrity feeling your creativity seep away like water through the earth light a candle and speak My name “Brighid I call you […]

Let’s face it, I was never going to write about mandrakes. What the heck do I know about them? Nothing, that’s what. So, Mabon. IE, the Autumn Equinox, according to […]

Shielding is a pretty essential tool for — well, for witches, but also for anyone else, really. I’ve used shielding effectively against unwanted physical contact as well as unwanted energetic […]

There are people who, when they find out Santa isn’t real, feel betrayed. That…doesn’t compute for me. I mean, I respect that in some cases there’s trauma there, of course. […]

I mean, not probably anymore; it really is a Pagan Pride Day recap now. I’m just harkening (harking?) back to the Going Full Ravenclaw post I made a few days […]

Yeah, so, I use entheogens. If you ask some people, this makes me a bad, bad person. Seriously. There are people who believe that anyone who ever does any alcohol […]

I am obviously way behind on all of this, but I want to see if I can actually finish planning all the posts and perhaps writing some of them? Or, […]

I love calendars. About as much as I love figuring out relationships. I guess they’re sort of the same thing. When I was a kid I was obsessed with how […]

When I first moved into this apartment — the apartment that belonged to my Oma for 20 years — I tried to keep a spiritual/religious/witchcraft life going. It wasn’t easy. […]

I sort of failed at that, didn’t I? Well, no time like the present to pick it back up again. Here are my planned posts for topics G through M. […]

I want to honor Hestia. The best ways to do this, She told me, were to keep my house clean and tidy, and to be hospitible to guests. Cleanliness and […]

I realized, while trying to pen my two separate posts, The Chthonic Ocean and Descent, that I couldn’t separate the two. So here are both, for D, and I’ll just […]

I have a bit of a geas on me (at least, one I’m aware of). It’s not one that will trigger my death if I break it, but if I […]

Amor vincit omnia. I was going to write out a very detailed post on how grateful I am to everyone who helped me get to SMF and to the gods […]

The edge is a funny place. From it you can see your entire life stretching away from you, back and forth and all to the sides and up and down. […]

[content warning: chronic pain, mental illness, depression, brief mention of Fifty Shades of Grey/the abuse inherent within/EL James being an abuse apologist and horrible human being, some ranting about (dis)ableism […]