gods and spirits: Spider

I wear a key around my neck. It rests on a chain next to a silver and gold (or gold and white gold; can’t tell) snake pendant and a gold […]

Truly humbled and amazed; Friday’s blog post about Eve brought 163 views to my blog in one day (and another 32 yesterday). That means that Friday was my busiest day […]

Since choosing a name, one that literally means I’m becoming the spider, I discovered some new music (really the wrong word, there — the music existed before, so it’s not […]

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve chosen my name for this blog and all of Pagandom  (which, I think, is the word I shall be using for the […]

This is not a post on the power of names. I wish it were; it’s a favourite subject of mine. But I fear I do not have the words in […]

So, things: yes, Reclaiming and Feri are going to give me help in my path of Primal Witchcraft, but that’s not where it begins for me. It begins with spider […]