gods and spirits: the Ophelia

Veiling: a 4-ish month retrospective

Couldn’t find a velvet headband today, but did find 3 velvet scrunchies and a lace headband that works pretty well! I love Ardene, ngl. #dailyveil #coveredpagan #Otherfaith #witchstagram #witchesofinstagram #paganveiling […]

The moon, waxing gibbous, surrounded by clouds.

2015 was a kind of crazy year for me. WordPress was kind enough to do the 2015 blogging report for this blog, because I have Jetpack enabled, and I found […]

Places where the gods are NOT

So I was thinking about my wording in my post from the other day, about how my faith has helped me in difficult times: In my faith I’m well aware […]