holidays and ritual year: Winter Solstice

30 Days of Paganism: Holidays

This post is written from the perspective of someone who has lived in the Northern Hemisphere their entire life, and as such refers to the holidays accordingly.  Building my religious […]

Tonight I’ll be heading to a huge annual Yule party held by friends of mine. There will be a turkey dinner, various other foods, some booze, carousing, Rock Band and karaoke, me being antisocial on my computer from time to time as I pop in on TC’s Up All Night revels in chat (well, ok, social, but not in meatspace), and a vigil for the sunrise.

Not sure if I’ll be actually participating in the vigil, as I’m coming down with a cold or flu or something and may choose to sleep instead. But there shall be a vigil. Someone else will make sure the sun rises again, at least.

If you celebrate solstice or Yule, I hope it is bright, blessed, and filled with good food, good friends, and good times. 

-Morag 0

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