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Sometimes it doesn’t work, and you have to learn to be okay with that. I’m not trying to tell you what to feel; I’m talking about my own experience as […]

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(Note: This post was meant to go up much earlier than the beginning of February, but I spent most of January being pretty sick. My apologies! –M)  It was very […]

Church, and other notes

It’s been a while since I posted. I kept meaning to write another post for October, but then it kept not happening. So here are some brief updates on various […]

On hexing, Nazis, and rape

[Content Warning for basically everything.] This post needs some background. First bit of background: I am a descendant of people who survived Nazi Europe. My Oma, a nurse in a […]

30 Days of Paganism: Patrons

I already talked about one of my patrons on the Patronage and Deeper Relationships post, so this one is just going to be a quick list of the patrons I […]

Over the past several weeks I’ve been pondering on that side of the witches’ pyramid: silence. Not just as it applies to spells, but as it applies to other areas in […]

Wellness 4 Wolffy

This is the most important update I have right now. Basically, the long and short of it is my mom is sick, we don’t know what it is except it’s […]

Yesterday was basically a lost day, so I didn’t get a chance to type up anything about the ritual I did on Wednesday. (I was super super tired yesterday. I’m […]

Shielding is a pretty essential tool for — well, for witches, but also for anyone else, really. I’ve used shielding effectively against unwanted physical contact as well as unwanted energetic […]

This is probably a sacrilege for a Reclaiming witch to say, but I’ve never read The Spiral Dance from cover to cover. I think I’ve got about 3 chapters in every time I’ve sat down to read it again, then put it down for far too long so that by the time I pick it up again, I need to start over.

Same for Evolutionary Witchcraft, though I think I’ve gotten quite a bit farther in that book. I have problems reading non-fiction books in general these days (thanks, University!), so it’s probably no surprise this extends to my religious studies.

I’ve made a decision that this has to change, especially as my actual religious practice is on a major hold while I live in my dead Oma’s house, so I’m starting a bit of a reading project. I’m going to give myself roughly 28 days — or a moon cycle — to read each chapter of The Spiral Dance and Evolutionary Witchcraft, starting with the new moon of November 3rd. Between November 3rd and December 3rd I’ll read the first chapter of each book, and — to hold myself accountable — I’ll post a short recap here on the blog for each chapter, talking about my thoughts on the chapter, etc. Posts will be under the Reading, Project: The Spiral Dance, and Project: Evolutionary Witchcraft categories.

Nov. 3rd is the closest new moon to Samhain, which I still sort of view as a new year’s, even though I’m not Neo-Wiccan anymore. And it gives me a month and a half to read the introductory text of each book and mark chapter beginnings with post-it notes.

It…also gives me some time to find back my copy of Evolutionary Witchcraft, which is here…somewhere. Just not on the shelf, where it should be.


Trigger Warning: rape. I am a bee head-butting the aggressor; a snake poised to strike; a cat with its ruff all up, pupils gone large, claws extended. I was just […]