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Modern initiations may not be what we imagine, but they are no less powerful.

Work day today. I don’t get much witchery or religion done on work days. However, work is ending soon for me, so then I can devote time to what I really want. Namely writing, witching, and puppy snuggles.


  • Prescription pick-up was the top of my list, but the line wrapped around the pharmacy. I’ll get ’em this weekend.
  • Next I plan on finishing my laundry by retrieving it from the dryer and putting it away. As soon as my legs work again, that is.
  • I snuggled Sirius very well after work, and currently he is curled up on my Biomat getting a treatment.
  • Went to Staples in search of a particular pen that writes like a dream, which of course our small-town store did not have. I bought different pens.  


  • Oracle card draw, Moonology deck. Question: What does the moon have to tell me about the path I am on? Answer: New Moon: A new start is coming!
  • Designed a sigil based off the affirmation I wrote today.
  • Going to spend some time working in my magic planner tonight.


My shields remain strong against any attack.

I went with a shield-boosting affirmation today because some of the magic work I’m doing might have some backlash. It’s worth the risk, but I remember what happened last time I did risky magic with no shielding. No repeats please.

Tomorrow: thank the gods, a night shift at work! Maybe I’ll get a bit more done.

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