the only constant


if you’re new to this site, then you’re probably not confused at all. if you’ve been coming here for a while, you might be wondering where it all went.

never fear. all my old posts are still available for reading.

but i needed a fresh start.

for new readers

hi, i’m Morag. i have an on-again, off-again relationship with the rules of grammar, capitalization, and punctuation of the English language.

i have been a witch and a polytheist for a very long time, and a writer for even longer. this site is where i will blog about that part of my life.


  • 35 year old Canadian-American.
  • former career in Health Information Management.
  • ex-feminist and excommunicated from the church of social justice.
  • happy married for 6 years now (together for 11).
  • dog-mom to world’s cutest Border Collie, Sirius Li. (named in reference to Hekate and her Titan father, not after the Harry Potter character.)
  • author of fiction and poetry under my other name.

my practice

  • devotional polytheism. many gods, very little time.
  • witchcraft since forever.
  • sometimes Anglicanism.
  • sometimes Buddhism.
  • sometimes Otherfaith.
  • not Wiccan, but i go to their parties a lot.
  • priestess to 3 main deities. (more detail in next section.)

for old friends

i realized something this month. actually, just today, October 14th, 2021 — while i was at work trying to handwrite this blog post and getting nowhere.

my large archive of posts was holding me back.

every time i thought about updating my site, it came with all this baggage. heavy luggage of 14 years of blogging on one site — almost 400 posts.

many of which i no longer feel represent me or my path.

this came on the heels of some other realizations, fresh out of Hekate’s Sickle Festival that i am, and it became very clear: i needed to start fresh.

to start over.

so i did.

everyday magic –> priestess of the 3

new site — completely new, i deleted the old install and put in a fresh one of WordPress — and new name.

longtime readers may be able to guess who “the 3” are, but i’m just going to tell y’all.

brighid. morrigan. manannan.

the Ladies have been clear i’m their priestess for years now, but it was only this month that Father Ocean said to me “you are becoming my priestess”. (i’ll get into it in more detail in a later post.)

and i realized they still want me to build my virtual temple* to them. they’re still pushing for me to do something — to be their hands in the world.

i realized i may be a devotional polytheist with many, many gods, but i am priestess to only these three (notwithstanding my sometimes-adherence to the Reclaiming definition of “priestess”). and they are tired of me focusing elsewhere.

*very much a work in progress at this point.

going forward

before, i tended to focus more on long-form essays as my blog posts. while i’m a naturally verbose person and most of my posts will trend on the long side, it’s going to be a bit different here.

i’m giving myself freedom.

i’ve censored myself a lot for years and i’m tired of it. i’m no longer doing it here. i’ll be posting what i want, when i want.

that means i’ll be posting opinions that are not common and are downright unpopular in pagandom. i’ll probably lose old followers. but i’ll gain new ones.

it also means there will be more “fluff” at this blog. update posts about my life. stuff like that.

i’m going to let it grow organically. i’m going to give myself the freedom i need.

if you’re a long-time reader, i hope you’ll stay with me as i change things up again. if you’re a new reader, welcome to my corner of the internet.

Blessings of the 3 upon you,

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